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    (READ) Before Asking questions

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    (READ) Before Asking questions Empty (READ) Before Asking questions

    Post  Ichigo on Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:16 am

    Hi guys

    If you guys are having problems connecting to the server or anything like that we will help you but first read some of the common issues that may help you. Before posting anything on this thread.

    1. When is the server up?
    Look for Karakura's post on the announcement section
    2. I cant see the register page?
    Probably the owner may be working on the server.
    3. Cant connect to the server?
    Download hamachi and connect to the network.(NOTE) you must be on hamachi before turning on the server.

    Read this before posting anything this might come handy^^

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    (READ) Before Asking questions Couplesi

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