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    Forum Rules


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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post  Karakura on Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:39 am

    Forum Rules:

    - No Flaming/Cursing on the forums.
    - No trolling, spamming, or off topic behavior.
    - No advertising other servers or anything at all.
    - No begging for ANYTHING (and please don't be annoying!).
    - No double posting (or anything more then that). - No double threading.
    - Read what section you are posting in.
    - No STAFF impersonation.
    - Respect all staff members and members of any sort. All disrespectful players/players with disrespectful behavior will be removed from the forums. Thank you.
    - No illegal activity.
    - Keep in mind that there are people under the age of 18 here. No pornography or anything that is 18+.
    - No racism
    - Offensive posts, or those that violate the rules or Terms of Service will be removed without warning.
    If you can't post English, post in your relevant section.
    - Bans are not to be discussed in public. There's not a great deal a normal member can do about a ban, so it should be taken up with a person of relevant authority (usually a Game Master).
    - # Any attempts to circumvent a ban will lead to a permanent ban to any Accounts linked to that IP, and possibly an IP ban.
    # Any members posting simply to sell or advertise materials is not allowed. Advertising your website must be kept to one thread in the "Chat/Spam" forum, your signature or your profile. Don't harass members via private message or pager to join your website.
    # Sharing of real names or addresses are not allowed for the safety of our members.
    Some of these rules are taken from Fly for Fame (fly for fun private server) [Credits to the Fly for Fame server].

    Signature/Avatar Rules:

    Any signatures that are way too large (you should be able to judge), will be removed.
    No disgusting or 18+ content.
    No more then 2 signatures at once.
    No Racism

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