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    Nice Events Empty Nice Events

    Post  syaoran98 on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:10 am

    I have some really cool event suggestions, I'm just not privileged to post on the Event forum.

    Hide n Seek: GM !hides and goes to some place of his/her choice, That person will give clues on his surroundings until he is found by the first 3 people he sees.

    Dress Up: Pretty self-explanatory, a theme is given by host and the contestants go to nx shop or wherever they want to dress accordingly, oh, and there is a time limit, 3 winners.

    True or False: Just a kuiz, whomever wins the most out of 10 kuestions, that player wins a prize

    Jump Kuest: Host can either host a legitimate jump kuest with summon or not. usually 3 winners.

    Treasure Hunt: Sorta like H&S, with clues etc... Usually hosted in the ludi maze and the items are hidden in the boxes, first gets a prize.

    Race to the Top: Self Explanatory

    Summon random crap: Just for fun, no winner

    PvP: Teams or not, only 1 winner or team. Very fun with lots of people. Once dead, you cant come back.

    Simon Says: LOL just for fun, 1 winner.

    Lol if you got any ideas, feel free to post Smile:::

    This may be in wrong forum, if a moderator will move it for me, that would be cool

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