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    Vote for Rates: Maplestory

    Post  Karakura on Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:51 pm

    Maplestory Voting:
    Vote for the rates for the Maple story. I lowered the rates for the choices by a bit, to make it more reasonable.
    High: 750x EXP/75x Mesos/7x Drop
    Low: 50x EXP/35x Mesos/3x Drop
    Mid: 350x EXP/50x Mesos/5x Drop
    The selection that receives the highest amount of votes will win the vote and become the new servers rates.

    The voting for the FlyFF server will be opened later (once the vote for the servers has been decided).

    We will only be opening 1 server with the decided rates from the polls.

    Vote for the server here:


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