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    Post  Steve on Mon May 17, 2010 10:07 pm

    I never got to apologize for being a idiot. Seeing this place in the state it is in, and because i've tried to say it before, I'll say it now hoping you see it somehow.

    I'm sorry. I can't think of the words to say now. I don't play maplestory any longer, as I've found a new game. I don't want to keep the leaving impression that I hated you, or anyone. I was pissed that day over many factors, mostly ones that were very personal to me. In no way was I mad at anyone here, and I did not think once that this server was bad in any way. I would not of gave people to you if I didn't trust you bobby.

    Thank you for reading if you see this, I literally made this e-mail acc just so I could apologize.

    -EPICSteve (Stephen H.)

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