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    Unban Appeal Format


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    Unban Appeal Format Empty Unban Appeal Format

    Post  Mako on Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:06 am

    When requesting an unban, be sure to leave the
    IGN (In Game Name) and account ID of the character which is banned in a new thread.

    You may post more information if you believe that it will help in clearing your name.

    Unban Appeal Format
    Account Log-In ID: KarakuraMs (example)
    In Game Name: Karakura
    Reason Why You Believe Your Not Guilty

    Again take note that you are requesting an unban. It may be either denied or granted depending on the situation, however, it is ultimately up to the GMs/Admin.
    Also please be patient, we are trying to help everyone.
    I note that active members are not allowed to post ANY comments/flames/post. This thread is strictly for staff and banned members use only.
    Any post found in the thread by active members will be removed without notice. And you will or will not get Infractions/Warnings/Temp bans depending on your situation.
    I pray to you that this may never happen again. Thank you.

    Do not bump your Unban Request thread.
    Do not Private Message a GM about your currently banned situation because we need this to be official.

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